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"See come to this to wear a stone monster, haven't transmuted."The thou Yong says.
Wear a stone monster, the whole body overalies scales and shell, four claws, teeth can easily drill deeply rock, is a life in the bewitching monster living creature of underground.Meet this kind of living creature, wear the silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officer of weighing A to meet a jinx.Wear a stone monster, can easily tear to pieces heavy A.
"That comes from the underground break out of, two silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officers of luckily survive say.They are in the underground, probably the deep place of more than 80 Zhangs, discovered lake water of underground, that lake water in underground, very big!Inside several Zhangs at least, is all water!Because the underground has no shining, they don't dare to visit too far, immediately come up.Can come up on the way, suffer to wear a stone monster attack."
This words are 1.
The thou Yong waits public bottoms all a pleased.
"Original Tahu, but square number ten inside of Tahu.The sort in"the thou Yong still remembers that the book jots down, " all of Tahus sink to sink underground, drive mountain stone overlay.Also exist so many lake water unexpectedly."
"Before lead the way."Thou Yong one makes next.
Right away 13 inborn strong, quickly rush through into that deep hole and discover place.
Have already come together several hundred silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officers here, along with the Yong in thou 13 inborns are strong arrival, the owners all step aside.
"Lord in the island, this is that deep hole that leads to underground."Along with the guide line, the thou Yong walks to deep hole beside.
The deep hole surrounding miscellaneous grasses are all uprooted clean, peeps out that foot to have 34 Zhang breadth of dark deep hole, a see not and exactly a department.But the mud by the side of the deep hole up, also have the blood stain in dark black, even at the mince piece, a way profound gutters in ground.Very obviously after World War I.
"It is very good."
The thou Yong nods.
"Believe in a lord, those hunters, how do?"Blue general soft-voiced way.
The thou Yong turned a head to see his one eye, cool way:"All sentence to death!"
The hunters, but know that the green lake island wants to seek mysterious palace, and then knows, the green lake island wants to look for the type of the deep hole of leading to the underground, deep pond of ……so, can not stay!Although say, temporarily other big religious sects, don't know that the green lake island is seeking the Yu emperor's treasure to hide as well.Can the personality of ancient Yong ……a little bit careful had better.
"BE."The blue general is in response to the way.
"Still have, the herald bottom goes and make the silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officers, take this deep hole as center, in the surroundings 56 in inside station down."Thou Yong clear, 30,000 people is impossible will whole greatly postpone mountain blockader, so, can narrow to blockade a turn.
"Issue to gather to make, execute to make."
Thou Yong a connect next several way order.
"This deep pond, also really enough cold of.Greatly enough cold in winter of, this deep pond is colder."Several silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officer that search deep hole, deep ponds, just at halfway up a hill up looking at a bluish green cold pond, can by hand feel low temperature for a while, but have no 1 to dare to descend this deep pond.
Is together sharp of blare sound to resound through horizon.
This a few non-commissioned officers face upward a see.
"Gather to make, walk, stop searching, at once past."This a few silver Jiao soldier non-commissioned officers immediately rush through to pass by.
According to the previous rules, once sending out to gather signal, all squads stop searching toward sending out the place gathering of signal to take side.After gathering to make to sent out just a short moment-
Three sharp interjections continue to resound through horizon at the same time later on.
BE exactly the signal that all hunters sentence to death!

Chapter 10 sentences to death!
Greatly postpone mountain, army camp.
Little island lord'thou a life time friend'the positive hand hold one pole black long the gun do, can that in a row three sharply blare call, let ancient life time friend not from turn a head and see toward the sky.
"All sentence to death?"The thou a life time friend eyebrows a wrinkly, he knows this secret password.

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