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The autumn of the leaf doesn't trust Ran the safety winter night, again dialed her telephone.The Ran was very quick and then connected winter night and said oneself is on the third floor in the director office of 302 rooms and outside have a lot of record, her inconvenient etc. is in the sickroom doorway.
When the autumn of the leaf pushed away the room door of director's office, see the autumn that the Ran is just gloomy to sit on the sand, see a leaf winter night come over, the Ran faced to come up winter night and pulled a hand of leaf autumn to say:"I always feel that the affair isn't so simple.Be robbed a pack first, then suffer the traffic accident-double bosom belly the inside still entertain a baby, hoping can't have what matter.Otherwise, even if the double bosom can wake up and also can not stand stroke like this."
The autumn of the leaf is painful to cherish of daut Ran the face winter night, pull her to the sand side to sit down, hug her body in the bosom.Wish, conflict between the men, originally should not woman Chan and come in.Just some time was artificial to attain own purpose, also really too selfish.
"Should be free.The Yan house will definitely think a way to save to cure good double of keep in mind.Just in doorway in the hospital, at the right moment see the Yan pleasant breeze coming over.The parents of double bosom also coming them will definitely invite the best doctor for him.You don't want to think to be so many and take a break well.Check the business of seeking the murderer to hand over to us to come to handle good."The leaf autumn comforter says.
"Do not go.I still want etc. double the bosom wake up.See her safety me just rest assured."The Ran is stubborn winter night of shake head.
The autumn of the leaf embraces Ran winter night light tone ground say words, until half hour after, just hear an outside the voice of clamoring of someone.Ye Qiu knows that it is likely surgical operation completed let the Ran wait winter night in the office, he found out news in the past.
If let to record clap Ran to appear in the hospital winter night, perhaps tomorrow will appear a hideous mess scandal.What the hot actress hospital have a miscarriage, what Ran the blue sky hospital consult surgical operation to grow breast winter night only you can not do it of, there are no those doorstepping journalists to be surprisingly.
Two doctors who wear white big Gua are betwixt rounded by a group of persons, 2 people know these people's identities are remarkable, although in the mind Tan Te, still hard keep to ownly cure manner, the town settles but distresses ground to say:"The safety of the mother, the kid is too small, and the car bumps of the position is just the belly of wound-so the kid didn't can protect.We are diligent.It is really sorry."
Although the parents whom Zhao Shuang keeps in mind love the small daughter's grandson that the end is born, but hear daughter Be all right, also be regarded as a good news.Will go in to call on a daughter after connecting a voice.But drive doctor to obstruct, said to harm to need a rest urgently now.
Have a miscarriage?
The facial expression of leaf autumn is one Jiang, have a very weird felling.
If the Yan pleasant breeze noodles dies ash.
The spot's sadest person nothing is better than in is him, although this kid and he is some to relate to also have no.
Livinging isn't the resources that he provides.
Killing isn't the hand that he directs either.
But, all people all consider as the target suspect to him now.
Just after he came and Zhao Jia's person say "hello", they although should a , but attitude and compared but is very inhospitality before.
"The Yan is little, now how do?The circumstance seems to be very what a mess to us."6,000 beside worry to very heavily say.
The Yan pleasant breeze saw his one eye, don't answer his question, he really doesn't know how to answer as well this time.The simpletons all see out him current circumstances very what a mess.
See a leaf stand at the back of the crowd for autumn, greatly the step ground walked to pass by.
"Leaf little good hand segment.The pleasant breeze accepted."Yan pleasant breeze one face smiles idea ground to say.
The autumn of the leaf in a soft voice sighs, he knows Yan pleasant breeze to affirm a meeting to push this matter to he's head to come up.Know oneself explains to don't also use, so will more copy more black.Say with a smile:"And the Yan Be little to compare in Su Hang's entertainment, means like this really is up don't get set noodles."
Malicious hot one Shan of the Yan pleasant breeze eyes inside but die, shook to shake head, say:"The leaf is little to say so polite.Real good hand segment while canning obtain the means of the biggest benefits just.21 comparisons, the leaf was little to obviously raise for Gao Chu Yi."

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